Where can I find a private guitar lesson teacher that is near me? Just look in the phone book or the yellow pages? I want a private teacher because I don't really need to start at the basics, like all business lessons do.
I suggest you visit several music stores and...
1) check the bulletin board - you'll almost always find names and numbers of teachers there
2) ask both the guitar shoppers and salespeople for names of good teachers

When you have several names, start calling and talking to the teachers. Ask for references and then check out the references. Try to meet the teacher face-to-face to get a sense of how their personality and teaching style might mesh with you. Ask for a no-charge introductory lesson. I always offer a free lesson to a potential student. Good luck!
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Yeah well get a few guitar teachers contacts. Then from there see which one seems to suit your needs. I remember getting a teacher's contact info from a music shop but he turned out to be kinda of wierd but know I have a teacher who used to be a school music teacher and I really get along with him. So it's kind of luck unless you actually research them, i suppose you won't know