I have an OLP Silhouette knock off. It's a great guitar and I actually prefer it to my 63 reissue strat and other guitars. The problem at this point is the fret board...a few of the frets have lifted a little out of their slots and it's causing pretty bad buzz. So, I'm looking to do some work to the guitar. I'm probably going to send the neck out to be refretted, but there are some details about hardware I'd like to change.

1. I want to get rid of the pickguard. I don't want a pickguard, I'd rather mount everything to the guitar itself. So I was thinking I could use a router or something to just cut the existing top down and glue on a new top. This would allow me to route out the back of the body and mount the controls from the rear.

2. I want to replace the trem with a 2 point ball bearing tremolo. Pretty easy to drill and dowel the existing 6 screw trem, but the problem here is string spacing, since this is a smaller scale guitar. The strings are quite a bit closer together at the bridge as well.

3. I would swap out pickups to a HSH configuration...I'd probably use Air Norton Neck, Cruiser middle and Evolution Bridge units.

I'm open to your ideas...and gluing a new top is just an idea...I'm open for anyone in the community to make a body for me...I pay well