I recently heard a song by the grunge band mudhoney adn learned it was a cover by the 80's punk group fang. I gave Fang a listen and thought they were pretty good. So does anyone else like them?

The song was "The money will roll right in".
These guys were huge in Philly.
I used to see the Fang logo spray painted everywhere.

I couldn't find it online, but it looked kinda like this...

Then the lead singer Sammytown (Sam McBride) killed his girlfriend and went to jail and I didn't see the logos too much.
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Yeah Fang was an awsome band you should try getting ahold of some of their stuff. A friend of mine has a copy of "Landshark/Where the Wild Things Are" on C.D and I enjoy it quite a bit. I heard they put on some really fun shows back in the day aswell.
The only Fang I know do Puff The Magic Dragon but if its the same one then there pretty good.
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I think I have their entire discography, although I don't really care for them. I "won't" mention how I got their music... On an "unrelated" note, you might want to PM a guy by the name of axeslash.