one about a friend who loves this chick. one about marijuana.

-Now I got a friend
Oh, now I got a friend
He?s stuck in rut,
But I got my hand to lend
-He?s had a bad day
Oh not a great time
He chose the music
Oh but that?s just fine
-His minds on a girl
Say she?s just great
If he don?t reply soon
It?ll be just too late
-He?s got a choice
There is the toll
All he really needs is one to save his soul
-He?s just a love-struck fool
He?s just a bird at sea
Oh he?s just a love-struck fool
Just like me

Mary?s Way
-I?m feeling the pressure
I?m feeling the pain
It?s coming down like goddamn rain
It won?t ever stop, no it won?t ever leave
Oh, this will not seize
Because it?s Mary?s way, in Mary?s day
Oh, oh, now it?s Mary?s way, Mary?s day?
-You wrap your voodoo round my neck
(Better get your head checked)
I see this coming down at me
(Shouldn?t be that hard to see)
This thing is all around me now
(And I still don?t know how)
-You?re so far inside my head
(Look at what might have been)
You always took the extra step
(Diving at such a depth)
I always knew this was the end
(And you cannot be a friend)
-Think about what you?ve done
(You aren?t the one)
Think about where you?ve been
(I haven?t thought about you since)
Think about who you are
(And how you raised the bar)

Kinda messy layout, sry about that dudes.
tell me what you think, um, crit for crit i think everyone says.
i totally agree witht the previous comment of Descendent-182....the first song is very normal, but the second is really cool, i would love to hear it!
Any free sec can you check ma song Euphoria???...i need some crit too