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Classic Rock Solos!!!!!!!
20 91%
Newer solos............
2 9%
Voters: 22.
I think that im not the only one who agrees that most of the good solos are behind us. Everything happend during the 60's 70's and 80's when it comes to soloing. None of these new guitarists in emo, punk, alternative and progressive rock j/ dont seem 2 get it when it comes to solos and cant pull of anything like hendrix, rhoads, page, van halen, lifeson, townshend and all the other ones im forgetting. Whats your view on the subject?
thats because emo, punk, alternative, dont play solos. part of the reason why all those genres suck balls
You are right, but it's more or less the use of emotion people are forgetting, I like the solos Alexi Laiho and Synyster Gates pull off...
Although in saying that, Alexis are very similar and Syn just blisters over different strings in a radical note change. Which makes it sound good however.

But then you go back to Maiden right, Murray can't solo like Syn, and probably vice versa...
You just have to appreciate everyones different style or approach to it, soloing shouldn't just be following scales on a chord progreession...
*shrugs* I don't know...
I'll just quote myself from The Pit.

Quote by Dæmönika
I might as well contribute properly. I think people like Ritchie Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth and Matthias Jabs are amongst the best soloers to grace the planet. I myself prefer the longer solos so those three are pretty much prefect (less-so Jabs to be honest).

I'm not really a fan of the way solos are portrayed nowadays. I have to look hard for the bands which follow Classic Rock, like Mostly Autumn (the outro solo in Storms Over Still Water is a wankfest), so there are some good solos, it's just finding them.
That's because theres a pretty set formula for solos in todays music, while in the 60's and 70's people expiremented and explored the fretboard.
the 60's and 70's was the basis of any soloing and improv today.. there wouldnt even be any soloing or improv today if it wasnt for these *classic* rock bands. thats why its called CLASSIC rock..

you're not searching in the right places if you sincerely believe that NO bands today have the talent of any classic rock bands. there are bands today that are probably better.

and the worst place to find good solos or talent is listening to studio albums.. which im sure is all you do.. its live where the talent comes from because artists can sit in a studio for hours, days, weeks writing one song to perfect it.
No, ive actually been 2 many concerts and i noticed that the solos at the classic rock fest i attended fri, sat, and sun j/ blew away everything i have seen live. Im also going 2 endfest this weekend so ill see what the chili peppers can do live but from what i hear there really good.
i think people now need lyrics and if theres something without lyrics then they dont like it because lyrics make people feel like they are part of it, just my theory, so basically now to be successful bands are not doing solos, i dont like it i prefer songs with solos and long jams in the middle.
Classic rock solos.
Nothing will ever be able to touch them.
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I prefer Derek Trucks to lots of the older stuff. Also, some CR guitarists (like Steve Hackett) are putting out stuff now or recently that's better than what they did before.

I like CR solos, but they aren't the beginning and end of good soloing, not by a long shot.
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