I've been playing guitar for a little more than two years and lately I've become uncertain of my picking hand. Sometimes it works well and other times it feels like it's all over the place.

I feel like sometimes it's just a matter of luck if I'll be holding the pick in the best way.

One of the problems that arrises sometimes is the guitar pick, rather than picking a string on an upstroke will just stay pulled against it even as I bring my hand up. So my hand has moved up, but the pick is still pushed against the string.

I want to practice and get better, but I don't want to fruitlessly practice with bad technique.

Either Hold it tighter or get a heavier gauge pick. Hope that helps man.
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**** that ****....sit your ass down and practice uo and down picking techniqe's.
just take your time man...i had this problem about 4 months ago....it sucked.
But i've been playing for about 3 years or more...not keeping track. lol

but just do that man, i do it everyday for about 20 minutes.
so do these up/down picking when your bored or watching movies.
- up and down the neck (forward then backwards).
- then i start doing some straight down picking.
- then straight up picking(weird huh).
but do that and you'll get better. =]

trust me i....i play every day for 7 hours no matter what.
so good luck with your trouble man, hope it gets better.

p.s. dont hold it tighter it will cause trouble at certen angles to hit.
if you hit it harder....its like your a begginer again because you try to hit it hard.
when in reality you really dont need to, unless your like the guy from Antrax(rhytem gtr).

and getting thicker picks to help you pick better???? thats just odd....
thin or thick do good..it depends on how you feel when you hold it and pick.
Here's a good exercise to help both picking and fretting.

Start out alternate picking 1234. When you get to where your pinky is on the 4th fret of the first string (High E) slide it down to the 5th fret and play 5432 with all down strokes. Continue this until your pointer finger is on the 2nd fret of the 6th string (Low E) slide it down to the 3rd fret and play 3456 with all up strokes.

When your pinky is on the 6th fret on the first string slide it down to the 7th fret and play 7654 with alternate picking.

Continue this pattern until you have played the whole fretboard and then reverse it coming back up the fretboard.

You will be amazed at how much this helps.

And if you get bored with this I have an exercise to just train your picking hand.

Don't even use your fretting hand. Just pick each string once. When you get to the bottom come back up picking each string twice. When you get to the top go back down picking each string 3 times. Continue this pattern until you are picking each string 10 times then reverse and go all the way back down to one pick.

Do this as fast as you possibly can and try not to look at the strings.
are you doing alternate picking?
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