I personally like the Experiance better, what about you guys?
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That's REAL hard to pick for me.... I like em both, the only thing I can say is that I like the majority of The Experiences songs more
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isn't this considered a "VS thread"? I mean, I know Jimi was the main guy at both but...
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Considering the fact that The Experience put out so much more than Band of Gypsys, I'm going to go with The Experience.

However, Band of Gypsys was pretty awesome and put a couple of awesome volumes of their Fillmore East appearance.
The Experience. I'll acknowledge that the Band of Gypsies stuff was more technically impressive, but I prefer Jimi's earlier, more straight-ahead rock n' roll stuff.
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The Band of Gypsies were much more soulful and were far more interesting and unorthodox. They would have let Hendrixs style truely shine.
wow... the experience all the way (but I haven't heard anything from the band of gypsies )
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isn't this considered a "VS thread"? I mean, I know Jimi was the main guy at both but...

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I think both bands were gr8
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I know that there was a brief time where Billy Cox (Jimi's post-Experience bassist with Gypsy Sun and Rainbows and Band of Gypsys) was playing with only Jimi and Mitch Mitchell as a trio, and I felt like that would have (talent wise) been the strongest the band would have been.

I mean, Mitchell is, undoubtedly, an extremely talented drummer, and though Buddy Miles isn't by any means bad a drumming (and he has a very good voice), he doesn't stand a chance besides Mitch.

Also, Noel Redding, The Experience bassist, was... let's face it - crap. Jimi would often have to play bass parts for him when they were in the studio.

Cox, on the other hand, could play, and that was definetly seen (and/or heard, depending on whether you were at Woodstock, have watched Hendrix at Woodstock, have heard Hendrix at Woostock, done all three, or any two of the three) at Woodstock, because the band (Gypsy Sun and Rainbows) had only been assembled a short time before the festival.
i prefer band of gypsies all the way, and for some reason tire easily of "Are you experienced" the songs just dont touch me the way "who knows?" does
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i think by the time the band of gypsies was put together jimi was delving deeper as a musician, but i've gotta agree with TheHeartbreaker, the best bandmates for him were definitely mitch mitchell and billy cox. he and mitch clicked perfectly, buddy miles just couldn't compete with that, and noel was always more of a distraction since he was just taking his part in the experience as a job when he actually wanted to focus on his own music. since billy was an old friend of jimi's he was a much better fit for the group.