Alright, so I've finally decided on a head to get for my GK Neo 112 cab.
I'm pretty set to get the Ampeg B2RE Rack Bass Head. However, while I was reading the reviews, I've noticed a few of them say that this amp needs a "tuner out with mute switch."

So my question is... what exectly is a "tuner out with mute switch?"

Sorry, I'm an amp noob. Thanks in advanced.
It mutes the amp and sends the signal to a tuner. Its for silent tuning.
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an output for a tuner to be plugged into, with a mute button that mutes the signal for the speakers and sends it to the tuner out only
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Is this something I can buy, or is this something that is usually built into amps?

EDIT: Nevermind, I get it. Thank you.
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Tim-kun's question....no you can not.
there not really built in alot of amps...mostly on effect amps.
i've seen them alot more on amps with effects.
so you would have to buy look them up...like a crate glx1200h.
it has it built it already.

but yeah it is for silent tunning like, ShutDown785, said.
but they were made for live tuning....
so when you tune it wont make any noise, ya know.
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or you could buy one of those rack tuners...i think thats what there called. lol
Or you could buy one of those Boss pedal tuners, TU-80 I think it is? They still aren't very cheap though ($80ish).
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The only problem with most rack tuners is that they're quite expensive.

Yeah but it's the only tuner you'll ever buy. Worthwhile investment IMO