Anybody else into this guy? I picked up St. Elsewhere yesterday and have been listening to it none stop. It's a nice change and upgrade for soul and experimental music. Easily my favorite song is Crazy but aswell as Smiley Faces and Necromancer. If you're into soul, r&b, and a bit of hip-hop then definatly pick up this cd.
I like it, it's a lot different to most of the stuiff that's been out there lately.

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Crazy is a very good song, although the TotP one was excellent. I've heard Just a Thought as well but it fails in comparison.

EDIT: Gnarls Barkley is the name of the duo, Cee-lo, the singer and Danger Mouse, the DJ.
Cee-lo is the singer and Dangermouse is the producer.

GREAT ****ing band. St. Elsewhere is one of the better albums to come out this year by a new artist and Crazy is by ****ing far, the best single released this year and possibly of the past 5 years.
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I bought the album off the strength of "Crazy," but I can't really say I like anything other then Crazy and Go-Go Gadget Gospel.
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I lovee Crazy and would buy the album were it not for a lack of money right now. I might get my friend to buy to and then copy it.
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I've only heard Crazy and Smiley Faces, both of which I quite like so I may pick up their album. They've both got good videos too.