Hey i have a Jackson DMXG and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i make my LFR go up more than a tone. I want my guitar to go up something like two tones

EDIT: Em, im not very good at explaining. eh retry, How do i make it that if i was to play the first on the g string i would be able to pull the bar so i would sound like the 5th or 6th fret ?, Im sorry if that doesnt make sense
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im pretty sure if you pull a floyd up that high it with simply break your strings
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^ a type of bridge

and only certain types can go up that high, i doubt yours can. you can try but it will probably break your strings
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Aw right, yeh ive blew my strings out before, but i thought that if you could change something you would be able to pull your notes higher etc. But if its not possible then ok
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unless youve got the lions claw like steve vai does i highly doubt you would be able to do it. you will probably break a couple of strings before you get more than 3 tones
Or you can set your floating trem higher, that is what I did, the payoff was a high action, I don't mind though.