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Alright which pedal ripped the dimensions of hell and flew into stores!

I think I would probably go with METAL MUFF!!(electro harmonix).


Then again i'm not sure put your opinion if you shred
wrongggg. i dont even play metal and i know the answer it issssss......

the z.vex fuzz factory. not only the most distorted, also the most evil...except for those cute little hand painted boxes...
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fuzz factory is dull!!
too freaky looking and the sound is just stupid fuzz!
anyone ever played english muff'n distortion.
bad!!(in a good way)
I mean Aargh!!!
It was hailed as being great but some magazines gave it a bad review, (thats where I first saw it) dunno, not the best i dont think, not quite heavy enough
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is more badass than any distortion peddal

edit: Pedal
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the fuzz factory is certainly not metal i know cos i own one. but anyway look at Damage Control Solid Metal and Demonizer since those are ****ing crazy
Yeah, I was going to say the Demonizer too. I think it has a pretty hefty price tag too. However, I don't think a pedal is ever going to beat an amp for distortion. Mmmmmm... Mesa Dual Rectifier.... mmmmm. Sorry, was I drooling?
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Digitech Death Metal has the most amount of gain. But it sounds rubbish.

I agree with phil. Damage Control demonizer.
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IMO, It's better to get your distortion from an Amp, ie Mesa Dual Rec, Mesa Road King, Bogner Uberschall. Then better to add sound purifiers and perhaps an overdrive(like the robert keeley ts-9 tubescreamer) But I really liked the MT-2 Metalzone thing when I played it if you cant fork out 1500-2500 for an amp alone.
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uber metal
and kranks destorionis maximis
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I have the EH Metal Muff. It's as if they took a boss metal zone and took all the harshness and trebliness out of it. Kind of. But it totally kicks ass for me. And the boost is awesome as well. I mostly use it for Judas Priest, older metallica/megadeth, and mostly older metal. I haven't tried to get many other tones out of it, but I bet it could do it.
not the Damage Control Demonizer.... not high gain enough for what you're looking for.

I made the mistake of buying one (used), thinking it would be so brutal... but it's not. The name is misleading. Hard rock tones at best.

However, I will soon be swapping the tubes (Electro Harmonix 12AX7's in there stock) for Tung-Sol 12AX7's to see if that makes a difference.

So far I like the Uber Metal. I own one and it rocks. 3 settings (metal, pulverize, and insane), and the Pulverize setting is the best. Sounds the most like a tube distortion. Big and beefy. I find the note clarity is lacking SLIGHTLY, but that would be the only complaint. My BBE Sonic Stomp helps with that.
I'd actually go with the damage control demonizer, but damage control makes some quality pedals.
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mesa boogie triple rectifier, or a vht amplifier

stomp box distortions/overdrives blow
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Digitech Death Metal has the most amount of gain. But it sounds rubbish.

It doesn't sound too bad if the level isn't set too high, and if you're using non-active pups. It just isn't versatile at all.

The Krank Distortus Maximus however sounds like crap, I think it's the worst sounding distortion I've ever used.
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i cant think of a petal with more attack than the BOSS Metal Core, i get the perfect as i lay dying sound out of it and and i dont even have the distortion maxed out.
Wouldn't it depend on what guitar and amp you're using?

David Koresh used a Carvin Amp with the onboard distortion. He wasn't evil though.

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Why the hell was this bumped? it's almost a year and a half old.
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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone! That thing is AMAZING! Also built like a brick **** house.

pretty much sounds like it too
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Does anyone else here kinda think single / dual / triple recs sound like ass?

well not that bad . . . but kinda dull and monotonous?
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Line up a few Digtech Death Metals in a row and crank them.
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