I've had my eye on this amp for a while now... I haven't played it yet, as my local store doesn't carry it, but I will be going to another city to try it out soon. I've heard a lot about its good cleans, but I was wondering if it would suit some of my other styles.

I play a lot of hard and classic rock, and the heaviest stuff I play is Metallica. My main priority is good cleans, but I also need an AC/DC type overdrive... and Fender amps aren't for me. I'm wondering if I could get Metallica tones out of it with a tubescreamer/overdrive pedal (I would buy one after christmas, or hopefully get it for christmas... I could last without until then).

My guitar is an Epiphone Sg G-400 with EMG 81/85 (I know they don't suit me, but it came with them). My amp is a Fender G-Dec, so almost anything would be an upgrade.

If you have any other ideas, my budget is ~$700 canadian.


P.S. I've read that the speaker isn't too great, so I would be changing that out around christmas as well.
the peavey is a good amp, nice cleans and nice overdrive. i have one and think its great. i have some recordings in my sig where im playing it, though all through the clean channel. the top two songs in my d-music are the ones to listen to if interested (just ignore the horrible singing). i wouldnt say the gain gets real heavy, but it gets heavy enough for me (tho im not really into much heavy stuff). should be able to get enough gain for you with an od pedal though. definatly try one out to see though. as for other amps, i think traynor makes a nice amp in that range, but im not sure of the exact price. theres always used as well, you can get some good stuff used at nice prices if you look.
great amp, i have it... awesome for the classic rock tones.

with a good pedal you can get that metallica sound.
Sounds PERFECT for you.
I have one, love it.
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I'd look into a traynor ycv50blue if you can afford it. I'm not fussed on the classic 30, it tends to sound like crap when you turn it up- way too raucous. A speaker and tube swap may fix that, though.
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