right heres the deal, before any smart arse mentions, yes i can tune my guitar first of all!. the main reason is i've been playing quite a few songs in Eb such as bodom and ****. But when i wanna play say, Iced Earth, Blind Guardian and Sonata Artica i'm out of tune, from what my tuner tells me as well as my ears, i seem to be Flat as where the Latter bands are all tuned Sharpe, how come guys?
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Your ears need some training, because there's not a single Bodom tune that is in Eb.

Sonata Arctica tunes in Eb, as far as I know (I know that at least Replica is.. and since not many bands tune different for every song, I figure they just use Eb tuning)

Blind Guardian is in standard, I believe.

Iced Earth.. Not too familiar with.
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