i was wondering what guitar is much better to buy and what you would buy out of this choice.

Epiphone les paul standard
Epiphone Korina Explorer (ebony)
Epiphone G-400 SG Standard

i need help cause im in america and i live in the UK so i need to buy and ship it 2 where im staying. I've played these guitars but i can't find the right one.

Thanks a million
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Well if you have played all 3 and cant decide then go for the one you like the look of.
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I have 3 Epiphone G-400s and they are all real nice. I also have a Gibson SG and the difference between them is minimal. Epiphones are good guitars, so the choice should depend on the shape you want and your budget, but they're probably competively priced.
If you have to order anyway, look at Agiles on www.rondomusic.com.

The AL-2000 and 2500 are supposed to be a little better than the Epi LP Standard, the AL-2800 is supposed to be on par with Epi Elitists, and the AL-3000 is supposed to compete with non custom shop Gibson LP's.
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