I've been playing guitar for a little over a year now and I've been playing the blues for about 8 months. I can play many songs but for some reason, I usually struggle with making good improvs. Its weird because sometimes its good but sometimes I just cant think of anything and end up playing the same thing pretty much over and over. Im wondering if theres some trick or if anybody has any tips on how to improve your improvisation.
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I'm sure many people will express the importance of scales, I assume by now you hopefully know the penatonic, minor, and major..If not I reccomend learning all three, that will help your improv skills a lot...But even more importantly I reccomend learning some of your favorite guitar players licks....Just try looking up some of your favorite solos..and for now don't worry about playing them in their full glory, just kinda go through them and pick out some little licks/riffs in there that you dig... Start applying them all over the neck and use them with different chord progressions... thats how I began my lick library and it really helped my improv! Goodluck.
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ok thanks. this guy was telling me that it was bad to just learn a little bit of the song and move on because thats what i usually do exept if i really like the song, does it really matter?
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It's probably a good idea to learn all of the musical theory behind it, but I would say the best thing to do is to keep playing and making up stuff, eventually you will find out what sounds good and you can work it out from there.
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Learn theory then when you pick up a guitar forget it. You have to learn scales and chords but if you get caught up in over analyzing everything then your playing will sound soulless.

So learn licks, play over all different types of songs and beats, and play from the heart.

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Learn the WHOLE pentatonic and blues scale up and down the neck and be able to shift all around the neck. Playing in just the E shape or the one above it and below (forgot names) gets boring. Learn a few songs by a bunch of different blues guitarists and take out a few licks from each one and apply them to your playing (like wolf said) and just mess around and trying to make some of your own licks. Then theres also phrasing, so it all sounds good when put together.
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I think the most important thing to do, is not to play from the mind, play from your heart.

also, learn licks from people like SRV, Buddy Guy, Clapton ect. and incorperate them into your solo
yeah i've been playing for just over a year now and I mostly just play blues improv. Sometimes it does sound pretty similar but I'm slowly finding new things to play and different styles to use, I'm going to look at more scales but i know all the pentatonics and find it fairly easy to move around the neck now.
I guess if you just keep practising and improvising you will stumble upon new things to use.
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As weird as it may seem, try to take licks from other styles of music, whether it be country, jazz, metal, shred, etc, even if you don't like that particular genre. Not many want to hear an SRV clone (which for some reason, alot of people think that he is the only good blues player out there). If you want some real cool pentatonic ideas, check out Eric Johnson. Sure, some of his licks might be fast, but you can still analyze the patterns and come up with your own licks.
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