Like put it down and decided its playing days are done
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Has any one here retired a guitar?

yeah i took it outside and shot it
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Yeah, the way iommi retired his gibson. he said now the neck is so weak that if you press to hard on it it will go outa tune 2 whole steps
ive got about 3 that i dont play anymore.. still have the strings on them from about 2 years ago.. detuned them so im not even tempted to pick it up and fool with them...
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i retired one, it was my first guitar. i keep rusted strings on it in commemorance
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good, however give yourself a pat on the back for starting a thread that contains a picture of Optimus Prime!

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This thread sucks and is now about slot cars.
I haven't really "retired" one.. I don't play my ibanez very much because it is a piece of crap, but time to time I play it, about once a year
i retired my gibson V from live shows but i still pick him up from time to time for some blues
You guys who retired your guitars better treat them with honor. And they better have names..