okay no bt (except bass drum),because i dont have a mic to record it well, but anyway everything else is me playing/singing, , I know i was off key in a place or two, but just wondering what you think

constructive critism please, thanks

feel free to send any crits my way too

www.purevolume.com/itallendshere Dreamgirl (Dmb Cover)

_ Scott
pretty good stuff man, your definitely one of the better sounding musicians overall around here, (no offense to anyone), its listenable ya know?
check out my outside cover?

if nots its cool, but still, pretty good job..
constructive criticism... you stay in a certain range the whole song.. You need to showcase differetn ranges, highs and lows, instead of all mids... i mean maybe the real song is like that, but just thot I'd put that out there.
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im a huge dmb fan and i gotta say that i liked the sound of this. i think it would be cool if you tried to push your voice a little on this cover and maybe do that yeahhhhhh thing in the intro.
but otherwise this was a very good cover, the guitar was pretty good but the intro was a little choppy. good job though.

yeah, im afraid to do the intro haha, i think hes in 3 different octaves with that chorusing, but yeah that isnt a RIDICULOUSly broad range song, (part of the reason i chose it) but yea i agree with both of you, id like to be able to push my voice a little more, thanks for the crits
that sounds pretty good, if you could get some more singers in their at the beginning that would be tight, but i like it
haha i can tell ur voice is kinda deep, but it sounds good, but seriously get some buds to help and throw it on a demo or something
yeah that would be cool, too bad none of my friends are into music let alone singing, and i just dont think the part is made for a girl voice
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Hey man, thanks for your crit. I think you did a good job on this one, though the intro was shakey. I like your voice, it's really unique and it definately has characteristic.

On the chorus of "dreamgirl.... dreamgirl...", I think it would sound nice if you took it an octave higher, as mr.jones said about pushing your voice. Overall, I liked this one alot. Nice job.
thanks for the crit daydreamer, and yea i know i was afraid to do that intro anyway haha, but mr jones, no im not in a band, i wish, not too many people into music around here, i just record all the parts myself
I liked that alot, I'm a huge DMB fan, I didn't really like most of that album, but I liked that son. Really well done, the only thing I have to crit has already been said, and I don't really think you can do anything about the register of your voice, short of chopping off your nuts.
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haha yeah, i have a deep voice, and ive grown very attached to my nuts, haha but thanks, and i would say that was his worst album so far, although i did like smooth rider, and stolen away at 55th and 3rd
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hey i dont think i've heard this song, but as was said earlier, it's very listenable...very well mixed. wasnt too keen on the drum track at the beginning but it really pieced itself together as the song flowed on and the chords started strumming. You show a lot of emotion in your vocals, in which i found no mistakes. checked out your other work also, you're a great acoustic player, with a great sounding voice. only one little problem i have is the effects you put on your voice sometimes, just sound a bit rough occasionally, dont do your voice justice i feel. great work though, keep strummin.