Hey im going to BoyScout Camp next summer and i dont wanna take my good Acoustic guitar and i wanna know is this a good one?

i have the cutaway acoustice electric version of it, very nice. but, if you just want it for short term thing, i would get the jasmine by takamine.
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I had one a couple years ago. Bought it used for $100. at a pawnshop for a travel guitar. It had pretty good action and a nice fairly bright tone. Also had some up neck fret buzz. Took it to a local guitar shop tech who after assuring me he could fix it, charged me $50. to tell me it would cost another $50. to get rid of the buzz.
Needless to say he doesn't get anymore of my business. I ended up giving it away to a kid we knew from a poor family that wanted a guitar REAL BAD. Threw in a few lessons too.
I currently own a yard sale $50. Jasmine S-30 that I take camping. It also has good action and no buzz. But the tone is NOT EVEN CLOSE to that of the Tak 340.
My advise is that if you buy one, buy it IN PERSON, in a guitar shop. Make SURE it sounds/plays like you want it to.
MF sells guitars straight from the manufacturer w/NO SET-UP. You may pay a bit more locally, but the set-up (most shops provide free on new purchases) and knowing it doesn't have any "bugs" in it is IMO worth a few extra bucks.
Check out your local GC for a special. I bought 10 sets of strings (D'Addario EXP) for $100 and got a free Jasmine S35.
I wish I had $200 for a "junk guitar" lol. that one, yamaha fg700, washburn d10 are all good $199 guitars. If you want cheaper, go for the Jasmine S35 or Ibanez PF5 i think it is.
I helped a friend pick out a beginner cheapie acoustic at GuitarCenter a few weeks ago. After looking at all the various make/models in the $100.-$150. range, I advised him to buy the Epiphone PR 150. Best action & tone in the price range IMO.