Hi folks,

Here's a song I wrote, sang, and played the guitars on. I played tambourine also thanks to my graduate studies at Tambourine U. My 2 best friends comprise the rhythm section. It's been in the can for a few months now but only a few people have heard it so I thought I might find somewhere to post it. Thanks to anyone who listens...

I don't know how to categorize the song specifically or what it sounds like. The guitar solo is in the second half of the song.

//briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/ttoband@sbcglobal.net/vwp2?.tok=bcLv9pXBHXK6ghRb&.dir=/audio+files&.dnm=Ashford+Drive.mp3+++--original.mp3&.src=bc">Ashford Drive

Take care...

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