i have an epi lp standard plus and i am looking to upgrade the hunmuckers but have no clue what to buy i am looking for somthing that will be good for rock

any sugestions?
dude, les pauls come with humbuckers

if you want to upgrade your humbuckers then the best pickup brands are EMG and Seymour Duncan

humbuckers are all for rock, they they give a fat, thick sound
Uhh, Seymore's or Dimarzios are good. EMG are very high output, you probably don't need them for rock.
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Seymour Duncan JB/'59 is what i reccomend.
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get the alinco 2 humbuckers by Seymour Duncan - they are what slash uses in all of his les pauls(good for rock)
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Id sugest a Duncan Distortion over a JB, its too trebly taking away the warm qualities of a mahogany guitar. The JB in my Hamer will be ripped out and destroyed soon for a Duncan Distortion.