hey. i have a jag-stang and im gona put a new pickup in it. problem! does it need to be f spaced? its a dimarzio super distortion that im putting in the bridge. but since the humbucker is on an angle does it have to be f-spaced? thanks.
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f spacing stands for fender spacing

No it doesn't. F spaced pick-ups were designed to compensate for the extra width of Floyd Rose bridges.
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:s oh sorry. i actually thouht it meant that.

EDIT: hah nvm it means both

A long time ago (in the 20th century, actually) the electric guitar world was divided between Gibson and Fender designs. One of the differences between the two was string spacing. In general, Gibson chose a narrower string spacing at the bridge than Fender, and therefore the polepieces on Gibson humbuckers were closer together than the magnets on Fender pickups. When guitar shops started installing humbuckers in the bridge position of Strats, it was obvious that the strings didn?t line up with the polepieces, and if the E strings were too far outside, the sound could suffer. Our first humbuckers followed the original Gibson spacing, and we call them standard-spaced. When we released our first humbuckers with wider spacing, Floyd Rose bridges were very popular. Floyd string-spacing is the same as Fender spacing, so we naturally called the new pickups F-spaced.

thats from the dimarzio website
^ Thats a load of sh*t.

Dirks and Fireman are correct on this one. I build guitars so I know what it means and they have it perfect.
That aint a load of ****. Its true, before floyd rose arrive its called Fender Spacing which is wider than Gibson's then after floyd rose manufactured their bridge, which is about same spacing as Fender's, they've called it F-spacing.
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Thats what she said...
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f spacing stands for fender spacing

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