ok heres my choices

peavey 6505


peavey xxx


crate blue voodoo


i usually only play metal (thrash, death)
the voodoo would take me longer to get but im going to be starting to playing gigs again soon so i want to upgrade from my yamaha 212 (i have it micd, im going to mic the half stack to).

so what do you think would be the best choice out of the 3. iv played the blue voodoo and the triple x and iv heard the 6505 is good for metal.

dont suggest anything else unless its the same brand cuz i can get a deal from a store but the only amps they carry are crates, peaveys, fenders and line 6's

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^ uh the Blue Voodoo is 150watts...

Anyways, the Crate is out of the question. Its a great amp but not all that good for hXc metalcore stuff er whatever you kids call it nowadays.

The XXX is, feature wise, like a Mesa Recto. 3 channels and lots of sound options and modes. It has tons of pre-amp gain as well.

The 6505 is a SERIOUSLY awesome amp for anything high gain. I know first hand on how versitile it is as well...although it CAN do other things besides high gain madness...it just barely pulls that stuff off. But if youre looking for a high gain beast of an amp this guy is the one. 120watts, and two channels. Youd be mad to turn the gain past 7. For a price you can get a bias mod on it as well (what I did with my old one) and make it sound A LOT better.

So if I had to choose between those two Peaveys Id definately choose the 6505. Even though I like the XXX too...
FTW?! But I already said it...fine...you can have it...

But yeah. 6505...check into the II/+ models too.