So im thinking about this amp, i just want to know some opinons of others. I don't really want a tube because i dont really like the sound,i guess, also i wouldn't know how to change the tubes or anything. I've tried the cubes, the micro cube in particular, and I liked it for awhile..after a bit I kinda stopped liking the modeling on it, it started to sound digital to me. I want to have an all around amp, not just for metal or rock, but can have some clean sounds also. So between the cube and the FM, which one would you reccomend? I like to play anything from Chuck Berry to As I lay dying, but my preference tone would be like a Metallia tone.
Get the cube. Fender solid state amps suck. And you will one day realize that tube amps sound much, much better than solid state.
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fenders have the best cleans!!!!
the distortions suck but you have a MT-2 if you wanna do some metal
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Wait, let me get this straight: You don't like the sound of tube amps and you think modellers sound too digital? I think my head just exploded.

Seriously though, maybe a Traynor amp would do you good. With an overdrive in front of it, you can get some good metal tones, and it's cleans are amazing.
allright, thanks for your input guys. the traynor looks pretty good for its price, ill try to check it out sometime.