ok so i'm always hear people do a "Sqeal" on their guitars and it sounds so awesome, but i can never seem to understand how to do them, i've been told to turn my pick sideways and hit it over the pickup but i can never do it right, can anyone help me out and give me any tips or a detailed walkthrough on how to do a Squeal?
any help would be sweet and i'd be in your debt
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You mean harmonics, there are two kinds, artificial and natural. Natural harmonics can be on by putting your finger over any string, on a fret that usually has the white dots on them, or the inlays, and putting your finger over the fret lightly so that its pressed down, but doesnt make the fretted sound. Then pick the string, and it should sound like a bell. Artificial is done by holding your pick really close to your thumb, and when you pick a string, you move your thumb upwards so that the pick AND the thumb scrape the string, and it produces the same bell sound... Look for videos, as artificial harmonics are hard to explain through text, and also when you get these tricks down, try to bend then after, and then take it to the next step by applying the whammy bar!
pinch harmonics. Theres a video on UG, search for it under "Steal this video".
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