I currently play guitar, and I've been getting more interested in taking up bass lately. I've gotta sell a few amps and trade down for a smaller one so I'll have $300 (US) or so, plus maybe a little more, to spend on a bass and amp. I'm thinking I'll need to spend around $400 to get something decent, but as always, the cheaper the better hehe

So, what's your advice? First bass and amp -- what do I buy? I'll be living in an apartment soon so a small amp is actually preferred, headphone jack is nearly a requirement
^thats actually what i was going to say... it pretty much fits your requirements... my friend had a squire guitar pack and he stuck with it for a year and a half, and i also played it a million times when i was at his house, and it was decent, the only problem was the action, but since that was a guitar pack maybe the bass pack is the same thing
Actually, my first guitar/amp was one of those fender squier combo packs, but it didn't impress me all that much. And although the case is probably a necessity, cables and tuners and stuff aren't really. But yeah, it is solidly in the price range

So maybe I should adjust my price range to really be $300ish for a bass and $100ish for an amp or something...
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While I'm asking questions...should I try to restrict first-bass choices to 4-strings, or are 5-strings alright too?