I know there ae many threads about this, but i couldnt find an answer for my question. My band uses a guitar amp for vocals( we're poor) but the sound isn´t loud enough, even though it is a 12 inch speaker amp(75 watts, ss). Would using a phantom power box, with a normal microphone (not a condenser) ruin anything, like the amp or the mic?
I run my mic right through my 75 watt amp and have had no problems being heard. 75 watts should be more than enough.
Only use phantom power for a condensor mic. Phantom power won't affect a balanced dynamic mic. If it's an unbalanced dynamic mic, you "probably" won't damage it, but it won't work right with phantom power.
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Ummm...try turning the volume past 3 maybe???

On my solid-state 25 watt practice amp I can be heard over the guitars and of course drums at about 6 volume...8 inch speaker...lol