is their sound appropriate for this forum? I'm not sure if they fit in the emo category however. but if they do, whats your guys opinions on them? i think they're pretty good, i would def reccomend them. Kind of remind me of AFI.. but thats just me
they're good.

I dont know if they're Emo, but they're good none the less.

I love their singers voice, and his scream. Good stuf..
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The only song I've heard by them is "The Kill", but its pretty sweet. I should probably go check them out.
Yeah, I just listened to them the otherday because... well, because Jared Leto is in it and Requiem For A Dream and My So-Called Life kick ass.

But yeah, they're coolpop, I still haven't listened to their debut.
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*screams like a gril* Ohmigosh Jared Leto! He's like the bestest actor and an amazing singer.

In all seriousness, they are a pretty good band, nothing like super, but still a good listen too. My favourite songs are "Saviour" and "The Story.
I've heard a few of their songs. they're good but i doubt i'd ever go out and buy any of their records.
yeah, they wouldn't go here but they're a decent band nontheless and Jared Leto was awesome in Reqieum
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I saw them live at Lollapalooza. Their show is so planned out it'd be impossible to get into if you've ever seen another band play (pre-planned intro -> song -> dispensing popsicles -> song -> climbing catwalk and then going down slowly. I couldn't take it at that point. I left.)

I also thought the music was wonderously bad. But maybe that's just me and my friends.
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