I read this lesson and it said that you shouldn't "anchor" the joint where your index finger connects to your palm on the neck. I didn't really pay attention to this before and I just realized that I've been playing like this. So, is this alright or should I try to break the habit?
It could definitely limit speed and dexterity. If you have the patience and determination to stop, I'd recommend it.
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I have the same habit and I want to change it.
But should I avoid this habit when using bends and vibratos? when doing a band or vibrato what part of my hand should be in contect with the neck? the thumb on top of the neck and fingertips on the fretboard only or should the joint between the index finger and palm help out too?
I used to do it, but I stopped when noticing switching power chords across the neck is awfully slowed. Still, I have a habit to do it when I do solos around and after the 15th fret, but I think it should be normal, taking into account the body of the guitar obstructs you a bit.
I would say that if its more comfortable for you and it doesnt seem 2 slow you down there is no problem w/ it but thats j/ a personal opinion.
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It's needed for bends and wide vibrato but for stretches it's nearly impossible to "anchor" your left hand.
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****...i do it, i'm gonna try for a bit without it see if i can improve my speed and agility (not that speed matters)