ive been playing for about 3-4 months now and im trying to fingerpick now i just wanted 2 know if anyone has any excersice songs or adivice on how to get better cuz i suck now lol
try playing the main licks to "Tears In Heaven" by eric clapton. pretty easy, and they give you a feel for how to fingerpick. i learned that tune maybe 3 or 4 months into my playing, and it wasn't too hard
Try BlackBird by the beatles ... check out the Steal this video on finger picking good stuff there
Metallica - Nothing else matters

Thats the first song I played to get me into finger picking.

Then I went onto;
Creed - One last breath
Alter bridge - Broken Wings
Alter bridge - In loving memory
Been away, am back
To practice fingerpicking, i usually just mess around with chords.
Am, E, Dm, and C, and i just move some of the notes around and go in a pattern.
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here's what you do:

go on your music program and hit shuffle, then hit play so you get a random song

then learn it...unless it's something craaazzzyy you know you can never master, but even if you think it's a little hard for you, just don't give up on it

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