An old song of mine. Thought Id see what yall think. Crit for crit.

I've locked myself within my mind
And I can never seem to find
My way out of this...Hell

I've searched and searched trying to find a key
Or just get a piece of my lost sanity
But when I do I always...Fail

But I'm

Tearin at these walls again
Trying to find some piece within
Hoping I dont have to be
Lost inside of me
But you still cant see
That I'm not what I used to be
And that I'm
Lost inside of me

I look into my own eyes
and slowly I get paralyzed
By all of my...Hate

I peel away at my heart
And find it beating empty
Please dont let this be my...Fate

*Repeat Chorus*

I've tried to make you understand
This is not what I had planned
To become what you didnt want
and what you can not see

*Repeat Chorus*
shiiiiiiiiiiiitttt,,,,IT IS SO0O0O0O GOOOOOOD!
i donno, i really like it, and the title is super matching, wow wow wow, the song is amazing, one of my fave things i read till now! Could you please PM me with the music????...if u wrote the music....okay???????
u r cool!
see mines
Thank you. Im glad you like it. I dont have the stuff to record on my computer yet. But when I do I will definately send you the song.
damn dude that is a great song man.
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weirdo guy, i dont steal chords, i listen and play dem with a huge gratitude to the author btw, anyways, your choice, keep your music to yourself then...lol