Hey all, I'm the rythym guitarist in my band. I was wondering, which amp should I get? The 30w Vox is $599 (I live in New Zealand, money's odd here) and I have about $450. The 15watt is cheaper but I need something loud for band. My lead guitarist has a 15w Marshall MG15CDR and I was wondering, should I save my money and wait for a bit and get the 30w (I'll be able to in about three weeks) or just get the 15w?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
yeah. i agree. you need something with a bit of "oomph" for a band situation. Try and get the 50, and tell you guitarist to upgrade too.
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The 15VT isn't loud enough to be heard over the drums. I've used my 30VT a few times in a band and it's fine. You'd regret getting the cheaper amp after a while, trust me. You may want the other guitarist to upgrade too.
15 watt mashall? Ouch

Yeah, wait and get the 30, you'd regret getting the 15 one for reals.
If you wait even longer for the AD50VT, it has better speakers than the 15 and 30 watt models. Otherwise, go for the AD30VT.
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Thanks all, I really need it soon so I'll wait for the 30w, though a 50 would be awesome. Ahwel