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Good god....yet another noob.....

Budget? Music you want to play? Specifics you want/need from the amp!


ok.......i'll be honest, i am a noob to amps
I would go with a marshall. BUT NONE OF THEM DAMN CHEAP ONES. If you wanna play classic rock you play it right. See if you can find like a Marshall plexi on ebay. Or the VOX AC30.
oo someones loaded 0.o You could look for a used mesa Boogie Single Rectifier (50 watts tube but still very loud) or the dual rectifier which is 100 watts. Used Peavey 5150/6505. Marshall JCM800 (very popular single channel amp) Any Marshall tsl/dsl stuff. Umm Orange amps are pretty good (though ugly) IDK, theres quite a few to check out already.
Definitely go on ebay and find a Plexi head. Or maybe look into the Marshall Bluesbreaker.
So buy new tubes..

When you're spending 1500 on an amp, 75 bucks for some tubes (Tops) isn't going to be a huge deal.
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well i can tall you this much do NOT get a marshall MG. becasue you will blow the speaker with duncans in the guitar. i know for experience.

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ac30 with blue alnicos
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should i get a marshall or a vox? i know theyre both good...

Yeah the poll's a little silly... Your question is Marshall or Vox but the options on the poll are yes or no?