I get a lot of noise on my amp, not from 60 cycle hum just playing the noise makes the open strings vibrate. And it's quite annoying when trying to play with a cleaner sound. I don't even really need the amp on, if I play with headphones(meaning at 2 AM) I still get feedback from the minute vibrations on other strings. I'm sure a good portion of this is simply poor technique, so are there any guide type things to help me mute the strings while playing?
Use your thumb creatively. Use your other fingers when you can. Angle your fretting fingers to mute strings that you aren't using while playing. And I still have no idea what you're talking about when you're describing the noise you're hearing.
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It's just that the other strings will get the open ones I'm not playing vibrating from the noise they make so I'll hear a constant open E string.
yeah itll be your picking hand brushing the other strings i think. Just technique, if you havea teacher, ask them about it, if you dont GET ONE.
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yeh find ways of muting strings when playing so that you shouldnt be able to hear any unwanted string noises