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Yeah, the title says it all. This is one of my favorite local bands, Magistral. They're some Chilean guys that moved over here for the better scene (I gues), and they put on a great show and make some great music. Check them out.
Where better than Dragonforce?


Well, I dunno about that, but yeah they do have that kind of flavor. I think they're a little easier to listen to, now that Dragonforce's albums sound like your cd player is stuck on repeat.
Sounds quite nice.

LOL. Why is it that everyone these days compares every power metal band with Dragonforce?
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Sounds quite nice.

LOL. Why is it that everyone these days compares every power metal band with Dragonforce?

Because DragonForce is really mainstream and is played on US radio stations now.

Also, I hate them.

And back on topic, this band is really good. I love the guitars, and the vocals are great too.
dragonforce isn't even one of the best powermetal bands, I really start to hate them...

this sounds quite nice... legacy of time is a great song! The accent is kinda anoying to me... the vocals are alright but sound a little forced sometimes...

overall 7/10 to me
pretty damn good.
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Well this is only average power metal, but with lots of potential. The sound has its own characteristic and Legacy Of Time is indeed catchy. I do like the spanish-style vocals, but don't think the vocal range is very high. Anyway, sounds alright to me.
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They're okay. I won't buy their cd.
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There better than Dragonforce

You're saying that as if it's a challenge.

Excellent stuff.
Reviving, because Magistral is still awesome as hell
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i actually like to see their guitar is more than just some flowery thrash... take the intro riff of legacy of time... some different riffing structure... but then again I dont listen to too much power metal so I'm just going on stereotypes... lol

and nice chord progression on LoT I shall check out the other songs... and Im liking the vocals XD... good stuff thanks for uh posting