I'm planning to drive to California from Alberta, Canada with some friends and I'm going to bring my guitar along to kill the super-mega time I have to myself.

I was wondering though, since the humidity will be totally different (Alberta is very dry, while California is humid), do I need to bring any essentials along for my guitar, besides my case and picks?

People have told me about humidifiers but I'm afraid that it would make my guitar bloat and stuff.

Do I even need a humidifier when traveling back or is it just 'to be on the safe side' kind of things?

If it helps, my guitar is an Oscar Schmidt OG21TN. Dunno if it's solid wood construction but I don't care. It sounds nice.

Also, if I DO need a humidifier, can someone out there teach me how to make a homemade one? I am a cheapskate and not ashamed to admit it
Thanks for helping me out, if you are.
bring no more accessories, just the guitar, the case and the picks (as u said). i never thought of the weather destroying a guitar..,
Not all of California is humid. In fact most places are not at all. Northern California is just flat out cold some of the year. Where are you headed. I live an hour south of San Francisco.
Alberta to califronia? thats sick man! pretty much oen of my few dream trips anyway, i woudl take a humidifier if you can get yoru ahnds on one or make one. I mean, its better to be safe than sorry.

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I don't think it will matter much if you have a humidifier or not, guitars were made to work with more than one type of weather.
The one thing i would do is down-tune your guitar so if it gets jostled during the trip nothing will happen to the neck.
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Okay, thanks for the tips guys! Totally appreciate it

Oh, what are some good songs to play to relax everyone?


So far we're heading to Sacramento to visit former classmates and then...

Who knows?
do you have a hardcase?
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Actually I have a gigbag that has 60 mm of foam, I think.

It's pretty hefty.


It's not 0.60 mm of foam; it's 60 mm. Silly me.
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