I have been playing guitar for 3 1/2 years, and im just really starting to want to record my stuff onto my computer to post on the internet. So I need some suggestions...

I need a rig that I can plug straight into with my guitar, and then connect to my computer probably through my mic. I also need good editing software. My price range is really anywhere from $50 - $150, but any suggestions will be takin seriously.

Thanks guys
Buy the Line & GuitarPort Rifftracker. You just plug your guitar in a little hardware called guitarport and then with a programm from Sonoma Wireworks you record your stuff. You can record as many layers you want, you have an astonishing collection of amps and effects to choose from. If you want to put drums it also has a really good drum machine. Plus you can also plug in a mic if you want to record vocals or acoustic. I bought and it is the best thing I did.
my guitar will make you cry