I think John Butler a realy versatile artist with a great talent.

They are labeled as a country trio(?) but I should say that their music is far beyond that style.

He's a great songwriter and guitarist too. His technique is very unique.

Check out the website www.johnbutlertrio.com

Soo, leave your comments...what do you think about him?

Keep it Funky
my guitar will make you cry
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i love john butler........he's just soo different, i like the way he uses acoustic instrument in a percussion like way, oh and his pedal board is awesome lol. Favourite songs, pickapart, ocean, treat yo mama.....brilliant stuff
Saw them when they supported Silverchair a few years back

Kinda reminds me of Days Of The New but more bluesey

Betterman and most of their first album is very good, not so much into the new stuff