All i want to do is be able to shred my guitar..get good fingering accuracy and my speed faster..anyone have any excercises that helped them achieve this. I also and curious on how learning music theory will help me play better as a guitarist..Hendrix didnt kno how to read music but look wat he accomplished.
hendrix may not have been able to read music but he knew music theory... maybe not knowingly... but to be able to make music like that, or any you need some idea of how notes fit together etc.. this is an apauling explanation lol sorry.. but yeh. music theory if you can learn it.. You'll bea way better guitarist in the end.
there is no way of simply becoming fast

try chromatic scales
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get this book:

speed mechanics for lead guitar by troy statina

or however you spell his name

but the greatest excercise is playing chromatic scales up starting at first fret e string and then building on speed from there

another good one is doing major and minor scales starting on the 5th fret low e string in triplets

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