Okay, my grandmother said I may be getting a new guitar for christmas, If I can find one with the right price.

So here's what I was looking at for the moment:

PRS SE singlecut
Fender Japan Jazzmaster
Fender 72 deluxe telecaster

the jazzmaster and tele would be used to keep prices in the $500-575 range, while the PRS is already pretty on the money price wise.

Alright, i said this was a metal guitar with a twist, and the twist is this, I have two "bands", my metal band that I play rhythm for, and my solo folk and acoustic work.

On the metal side I want something that can pull off Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Rush.

On the folky side I want pristine cleans

And I DO NOT want a strat. I have one and want to put it on the backline by getting a different guitar.

My amp settup right now is a VOX AD30VT, which will likely be replaced by a VOX AD50VT or AD100VT

I'm feeling the Tele. With enough distortion they can sound pretty heavy and will be perfect for the folk.
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i would say the PRS Singlecut since it would be pretty versatile just coil split the bridge humbucker and your pretty much good to go
this ell sound ridiculous, but get a les paul. my friend has a vox and a les paul and he gets awesome distortion and clean. trust me.
make that +3

If you already have a strat, get something 180 degress different, an LP would be a good move. Of course, so would most anything with two humbuckers.
The tele sounds good, beucase it still has dual humbuckers that will work with Metal, but the Fender cleans you'd expect from a telecaster. Go for the Tele.
Either the tele or the singlecut (if you put a coil split in) would work.

Have you thought of getting a HSS guitar? That would probably be easier to incorporate both styles with.
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With the right amp you can get some good metal sounds, especially leads from a Tele. Check out the song Artist in the Aumbulance by Thrice. Teppei, the lead guitarist uses a '77 Tele through a Marshall JCM800. If you're not looking at playing many leads I'd go with the PRS because I have never played a bad PRS and they are quite versatile.
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I'm thinking Tele or Singlecut, but how about a PRS Soapbar SE? p90s would be a nice middle ground...
Michael Kelly Patriot They are $400+- depending on the model, They have your standard Les Paul setup (2 humbuckers, 3 way switch, 2 vol. 2 tone) but the tone knobs are push pull for coil tap and then you get a single coil clean/crunch. I've played this guitar and it really impressed me.
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ibanez s470. it's HSH for ultimate versatility. good for metal, but pristine cleans too.
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