I hear that phrase a lot and I don't know what it means.
Can someone please explain what's the difference between a high end guitar and a low end guitar?
basically the price.

If its a high end guitar: expensive, fancy, usually nice hardware, probably nice paint.

low end- piece of crap hardware, electronics are cheaper, overall cheaper price.
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It's price range. Low end is usually anything around or below $500-$600. High-end is usually anything above $1,200-1,300. It's also subjective based on comparison. For example, a low end American PRS will run you $1,500, whereas a high end will run you $6,000+. Low end Fenders, on the other hand, are about $400, where a high-end model will run you $1,400.
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Price and quality.
High end guitars: PRS, Gibson, some Ibanez.
Low end:Squier, some B.C Rich, ect.
It's all about how expensive it is and the parts that make up the guitar.
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