wondered if anyone else who uses these would know of some cheaper strings that have a similar bright sound to them.. I love the way they sound but i can't afford to change them as often as they need to be.
A lot of the reason to buy them is so you don't have to change them as often as regular strings. I haven't had my acoustic that long so I haven't really tried that many different strings. But I bought some Fender acoustic strings and they had a good bright tone.
I can't remember though if they were bronze or phosphor bronze though.
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i find they wear out pretty much as quick as normal strings. the coating starts to wear off in less than a month probably and I think that makes them start to sounds duller
i used to think they were cool, i tried to change them as often as i could, but they are pricy. Totally not worth it, they dull out fairly quick and the coating gums up and dies out even quicker. Id rather use Martin SPs and swap them out at least once a month than use the elixers...and i save money, yay,

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Seriously, what are you doing to wear these strings out that quickly? I've used nothing but elixers on my acoustics for years and I've never had a problem. As long as I don't break them, I usually only change strings maybe twice a year. Yes, the coating shreds a little around the picking area, but it's never hurt the strings enough to dull the tone. I usually break them before the "tone" goes out of them.