hey guys ,

can someone plz clear this for me ....we all know that the major and minor scales are derived from the chromatic scale ....for example in the case of C....the C major and Cmin scales .....the notes in the Cmajor scale are CDEFGABC ...and here C F AND G become the major chords...where as D E and A can be majors or minors ....and B is the diminished chord ....

My question is ...is there something similar in the case of a minor scale also ??? ...in the case of the Cminor scale ...which has the notes ....C D Eb F G Ab Bb C ...can chords be derived out of it too ?
Chord formula for major scale: major minor minor major major minor diminished
Chord formula for minor scale: minor diminished major minor minor major major

For the C major scale, the chords for D, E, and A are minor.