at the end there is a solo which i thought was a keyboard solo but now im not so sure. the guy is playing a keyboard but there is something in his mouth. he is also fiddling with something near his left hand. i dont know what this thing in his mouth is though. and he is clearly blowing on it. does anyone know what this is?
i can't watch the video (my work blocks youtube =P) but I know that some keyboards can be equipped with a mouth piece for realistic blowing effects on horn//woodwind synths and for expression effects like wah.
wow ive never seen a version of badge that long
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i think its a talk box
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hmm, that is interesting. hes messing around with the tone arm of the piano with his left hand it looks like. i still dont know what that is in his mouth though. at first i thought it was a harmonica connected to a microphone, but the sound coming out is much more reminiscent of a saxophone. some weirdo air activated synthesiser perhaps? haha, i have no clue.
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Seems like a talkbox to me

so why is he blowing into it? i think the first response seems right.
Talk Box??Voice Synthesiser??Mouth Harp Synthesiser??
Video was very good, though
The thing he is messing with his hand with is a pitch bender its like bending a note on guitar. I think the thing in his mouth is some horn synth like GumbyEater said.

Also it isn't a talkbox because with a talk box the signal goes into the tube that goes in your mouth, instead of to the speakers, so there has to be a microphone right by it to pick up the sound, and that microhpone by him is too far away. Plus he is blowing on it not puting it in his mouth and doin gthe talk box thing where you make mouth shapes.
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think of it as a keyboard/sax he's playing the notes on the keyboard and when he's doing that he's blowing into the the mouth thing it gives it a different tone and pitch...