Covered this again (I did a video last time), but this time I did some harmony guitar and stuff...


I've changed stuff to make it easier, simply because the song is a hassle to learn lol

Didn't come out how I wanted, but I think its ok now

check it out
Sounds really good. Like the double guitars and your bends were pretty accurate. Well done.


(Only because some of the harmonies sounded a bit off, but that's just me being a perfectionist.)
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this is very cool, really liking the twin guitars. Exactly what did you do to get that strong twin guitar sound? and how did you do the harmonizing?
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I multi tracked the guitar

Played one lead on one track

Then played the harmony again over it on a separate track
thats an amazing job, 9/10 too, im very impressed. it sounds very professional.

ive been listening to this song for quite a while and want to start learning it. just the sweeping sounds a bit hard.
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is most of the harmony a major 3rd up?
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Yes jin I think

Yeah I changed the sweeping bits in that mp3 because i couldnt be bothered metronoming myself back up to standards lol
Liking it very much.
How and what on did you record it on? i mean like amps, guitars, recording equipment etc? I take it you imported the orginal version for the intro?
Your legato is very smooth and the harmonies work well.
Well done
Dude that was badass. Keep up the work and send more stuff to us.
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Very good, better than the original I think.
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Hah I would have liked to seen an attempted double track sweep, but I understand. Still sounds awesome, great job.
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Oooooh I Like. You made me give up guitar bro. Buts thats really a compliment. Honestly though I love it. Probably is better than Jerry C's version if it if I had to pick.
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Wow, most excellent!
The shred is very clean and is interesting throughout.
I know that this is a cover, but i think you put original ideas in too that sounded great!
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