this may sound weird, but some guy told me insted of buyin an acoustic guitar just replace the classical strings with acoustic strings in the guitar i already have..DOES THIS EVEN WORK, or does it have to do sth with the wood type...
speakin of wood, whenever i look on guitar sites for new guitars they say the type of wood..for me i dont care because i dont know the diffrence between the kinds, so can u guys give me lil bit of explanation on the diffrence and which one is better ..thanks
btw i should have posted this on the classical guitar forum...but i didnt notice , sorry
they dont have a metal rod in their neck.
the force of the steel strings will break the guitar like said.

whats ur price range?
do u want a cut away?

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lol naah i have money, i was just wonderin insted of spendin 200 or so on an acoustic..i can spend 10 $ :S, besides i have 4 guitars if i buy another one my dad will kill me..soo yeh