I was curious about purchasing a set of pickups and installing them myself. I've never done anything quite like it before and was curious as to how difficult it would be. What things would I need to accomplish this task? Advice would also be nice from people with previous attempts. Any help would be appreciated.
I forgot to mention. I want to install the SH-2 Jazz and SH-4 JB.. Since they are passive it should be easy.. hmm? Can you offer any advice as to what I would need to do. I feel more comfortable with someone explaining it to me then for me to read about it and get somewhat confused.
That should be easy. Assuming you're doing this with your 'Paul, it's pretty straight forward. Just desolder the old pickups from their volumes, this should be two connections, one to the middle terminal and one to the case of the pot. Easy.
For the new pickups, just as a guide.. The black wire should go to the middle terminal, the green and bare wires should go to the case. And the red and white wires should be twisted/soldered together and insulated.
All you need is a screwdriver, a soldering iron, some solder, maybe some wire strippers/cutters (I use my teeth). And preferably a solder sucker/desoldering braid.

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These go to eleven...
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