Hey there, just wanna ask if it would be ok to use classical nylon strings on an electro-acoustic guitar . and would it still sound nice?. sorry i dont know much about acoustic/classical guitars

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well i might be wrong, but i depending on the pickup in your guitar, it might not pickup the nylon strings at all. If your guitar is made for steel strings, then im guessing the pickup is too, and since nylon strings have no magnetic deals and such, they wouldnt work. again, i could be wrong, because i know some classicals with some kind of amplification.
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The electronics won't work unless it has a mic as well. Pickups don't pickup nylon strings. You can technically put nylon strings on, but they will probably break because nylon strings don't like the steel string tuning pegs. Your strings will probably break pretty quickly.
I think it is going to sound like crap and be strange to play, if you just put nylon strings on a guitar meant for steel strings.
if im not mistaken if it had a piezo pickup in it it would probly work, then again its not a very good idea to put nylons on ur steel string guitar