Hey all, i was wondering, ive been planning on adding a logo to my guitar, i was also plannin gon hand painting, what paints should i use and what finish should i use
What kind of logo are you wanting to add? I would just make a stencil out of some painters tape. Slap it on, scuff up the area with some 220, paint, the clear over it. Use lacquer paints, dupli color is a brand that many of UGs on will stand behind.
ok yeah well im planning on painting my red strat so that it is all white what paint should i use, what finish should i use, can i just paint straight over, dop i hjave to take the strings and neck off??????
Yes, completely disassemble the guitar first. Don't try to tape around the neck and electronics. Use dupli color, I believe you can find it in the UK. If anyone from across the pond can help this guy find it, please feel free to. After you've taken the guitar apart, scuff sand, which is just taking some 220 grit and sanding the paint not to remove it completely, but to "scuff" it, so the new paint adheres. Spray light coats of the white until the body is evenly coated. Water sand. Spray clear.
No prob. And if memory serves me correct. the last red guitar I painted white. i believe I sprayed a coat or two of grey primer to help the white cover better, but I don't think you'll have a problem with the white covering the red after a few coats.
ok ive never done it before do i need to take the neck off, how do i do that, do i need to take all of the wiring out hw do i do that
Well you bassicly take the strings off, unscrew the pickguars, desolder the wires leading to your bridge and output, and since its a strat, the rest can stay on the pickguard. Then you just remove the four screws connecting your neck, and voila! a dissassembled body
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