hey guys im looking for a valve amp 30watts or less so i can cranck it

- i play stuff like metallica seether rammstien SOME slipknot disturbed linkenpark

i dont always like the songs but i do like there guitar tones and distortion and thats the sort of sound i like to play with.

it has to be £450 or less and add the price of a desent overdrive pedal on to that. its mainly a practice amp but i do play with my bro (hes a drummer)

i was looking at the laney LC-30II , a peavey classic 30 or a vox AC15-CC1

remember that i would probably be useing an overdrive with the amp

thanx for any help that u can give me on this
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look for a used Peavey XXX combo on ebay. They're 40 watts, but probably your best bet in this price range.
i didn't really like the lc30, its tone kind of got a bit crappy at higher volumes, I liked the vc30 better, it's cheaper too. Unfortunately, it's less metal.

The hughes and kettner edition tube might be what you're after. It's about £450 on its own though, you'd have to wait and get an OD pedal later. But it's what I recommend. EDIT: it's 20 watts.
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The VOX wins! It would be even better if you could get the new Vox AC-30 which has this awesome vintage/modern rock tone
thanx for that, the tube edition looks ok buts its just out of my price range.

i have a boss metal zone but when i get a new amp i most lightly get a much better pedal does anybody have any ideas ? i tryed a proco turbo rat that was good.

does anybody have any clips from the laney LC-30II or do u know where i could find some

google isnt helping me much

thanx angain for the help
gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
look for a peavey bravo 112 on ebay. they don't make em any more, so they're uncommon. they're just under 30 watts, great cleans, amazing distortion, and also does everything in between. love mine.
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