Right now i'm playing through a peavey ranger 212 and it suits me fine my tone is great. The clean is so good that i have begun to play a lot more country. The overdrive is plenty good enough to suit my metal needs. I am playing a dean ml phantom xt (factory pickups). Since my style changed from strictly metal to metal and country this guitar no longer suits my needs. I want a guitar that looks traditional country and i need that classic country twang but i also want something that i can turn up the overdrive on and get some really great metal tone with great harmonics. i was thinking american telecaster. Help me.
tele, all the way baby
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Can you keep your current guitar and also get a tele

i could but i am really still in a stage where i am seeking out my style and tone. I've already played the dean for about 8 months and i think im ready to move on. I believe i could get $350 out of the dean and that would go a long way toward a new guitar or some effects.

I might consider keeping the dean if the pickups were more versatile. Any suggestions?
tele x1000
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